The book i choose was Poor Puppy
The aothor is Nick Bruel.

The genre is fantasy
The aimels in  this story are bad kitty and poor puppy.
The story is about poor puppy he wants to play with bad kitty but bad kitty does not want to play with him today.Poor puppy .poor poor poor poor puppy . The things he has to play with are 1 airplans  2 balls 3 cars 4 dolls 5 electric trains 6 finger puppets now poor puppy  is tired. I cant tell you the rest so if you want to figer it out then  chek it out . I love this book because  it is funny . I would give it five stars. 
1/9/2013 23:01:11

you did good but you shuld make a beder ending

4/16/2013 00:00:36

My star is that was a fantastic book talk you did and my wish is can you go though your sentence because some letters where misspelled.


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